Numerous studies have been done showing the
benefits of Yoga in the workplace.

In (2017) – “6 ways Yoga can improve productivity at work.”

Yoga increases energy and reduces fatigue. One study showed that sitting for 5+ hours is productivity killer and has the same health effect as smoking a packet of cigarettes. Aches, pain and serious physical problems will affect your productivity. Aside from physical pain and illness the other major factors affecting employees health and work productivity is mental and emotional stress. Stressful deadlines endless meetings and general chaos of a workplace creates mental clutter and prevents you from concentrating on tasks and making good decisions. Yoga can help you concentrate and focus, it also opens the mind to allow creativity and let you think outside of the box. If you physically, mentally and emotionally feel well, your moral will be high. Healthy, relaxed and focused employees are more productive and cost affective. Offering Yoga classes at work is a low cost and affective way to achieve happy and productive employees.

In The (2018) – “Yoga in the workplace can reduce back pain and sickness absence”.

Back pain is the single leading cause of disability in the world. In the US 4 out of every 5 people will experience back pain in some point of their life. Backpains is one of the most common reasons for visits to the doctor and missed work. There is a potentially easy way to prevent this problem: YOGA

Insurance company AETNA for example offers free Yoga classes to their 55.000 employees with a reported annual savings of $2,000/head in healthcare costs and $3,000 gain/person in productivity. Programs for Prevention for back pain and stress makes economics sense for the employers.

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